Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Don't Tell The Creationists

March 12, 2011
Creation-Evolution Headlines

John Horgan, a blogger for Scientific American, wanted to use this headline 20 years ago, but the editor didn’t let him. Now that editor is gone, so Horgan let the cat out of the bag: “Pssst! Don’t tell the creationists, but scientists don't have a clue how life began.” Well, he just did.

Horgan lamented that the situation is even more lamentable today. Based on Dennis Overbye’s “romp into theories of the cradle of life” published in the New York Times last month, Horgan concluded, “Geologists, chemists, astronomers and biologists are as stumped as ever by the riddle of life.” You name it: protein-first, DNA-first, metabolism-first, RNA World (an erstwhile leading contender) – they’re all stumping the scientists with insurmountable problems.

“The RNA world is so dissatisfying that some frustrated scientists are resorting to much more far out—literally—speculation,” Horgan continued. By that he means panspermia. He realizes that Crick’s old escape route doesn’t solve anything: “Of course, panspermia theories merely push the problem of life’s origin into outer space. If life didn’t begin here, how did it begin out there?”

Horgan ended by comforting himself with the argument that creationists have a similar problem, how to explain the origin of God. “And at least scientists are making an honest effort to solve life’s mystery instead of blaming it all on God.”

But Creationists don’t blame God; they thank Him and worship Him for the marvel of life. Do you see the anti-Creator hysteria that leads evolutionists to frantic rants of desperation to keep from admitting the obvious — that life was created? Thanks to John for being honest enough to admit the problem (something the snooze media almost never do), but then he played dog in the manger: “We might be clueless, frustrated, desperate, empty-handed and broke, but nobody else gets to play the origins game.” Let’s fix his last sentence: “At least we clueless power-hungry pseudo-scientific demagogues can blame God instead of making an honest effort to follow the evidence where it leads.”

For a response to Horgan’s old chestnut about who created the Creator, watch sabretooth Sarfati pounce on CMI titled "If God created the universe, then who created God?".
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