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Monday, January 5, 2015

Orthodox Theophany Resource Page

The Forefeast of Theophany

Twelve Days of Christmas Resource Page

Pre-Festive Days of the Theophany

The Forefeast of Holy Theophany (Day One)

The Forefeast of Holy Theophany (Day Two)

The Forefeast of Holy Theophany (Day Three)

Why the Prophet Malachi is Celebrated on January 3rd in the Church Calendar

The Eve of Holy Theophany (Day Four)

The Theophany Eve Fast on January 5th

Clarifications and Guidelines for the Observation of Theophany

A Homily of Basil the Great to be Read on the Day Before Theophany

On Holy Theophany

Synaxarion of the Holy Theophany

Theophany (Or Epiphany)

The Orthodox Celebration of Theophany

The Holy Theophany of our Lord Jesus Christ

Holy Theophany: The Baptism Of Jesus And The Blessing Of The Waters

Epiphany In Eastern and Western Christianity

The Baptism of Christ and the Baptism of Christians

The Economy of Theophany

A Theological Analysis of the Iconography of the Theophany / Epiphany

The Afterfeast of Theophany

The Afterfeast of the Theophany of Our Lord

A Homily of Gregory the Theologian to be Read on the Day After Theophany

The Life of Christ Within Us

Why We Celebrate the Feast of Saint Anthony the Great on January 17th

How St. Theodore of Sykeon Spent His Youth Between Epiphany and Palm Sunday

Patristic and Theological Reflections

Discourse on the Holy Theophany (St. Hippolytus of Rome)

On the Holy Theophany (St. Gregory Thaumaturgos)

A Homily for the Day of Lights (St. Gregory of Nyssa)

Oration on the Holy Lights (St. Gregory the Theologian)

Ephraim the Syrian: 15 Hymns For the Feast of Epiphany

On the Holy Theophany (St. John Chrysostom)

Homily on the Baptism of Christ (St. Cyril of Alexandria)

Four Homilies on Holy Epiphany by Leo the Great

Kontakia on the Holy Theophany (St. Romanos the Melodist)

The Theophany Prayer of St. Sophronios of Jerusalem

The Eight Baptisms According to St. John of Damascus

What Was Revealed on Theophany? (St. Theophan the Recluse)

Homily on the Theophany (St. Philaret the Confessor)

Homily on the Baptism of the Lord (St. John of Kronstadt)

On the Holy Theophany (St. Nikolai Velimirovich)

Homily on the Feast of the Lord’s Theophany (St. John Maximovitch)

Why Did Jesus Choose to be Baptized in the Jordan River?

Why Was Jesus Baptized?

Prefigurations of Baptism in the Old Testament

Elder Sophrony: "Every Divine Liturgy is a Theophany"

Grace and Sin Within Us Before and After Baptism (St. Diadochos of Photiki)

Theophany (An Essay of Alexandros Papadiamantis)

Photios Kontoglou Speaks About Holy Theophany (video)

Holy Water

The Great Sanctification and Small Sanctification of the Waters According to St. Athanasios of Paros

On the Holy Water of Theophany

Why We Bless Homes With Holy Water?

Why Did Christ Call the Grace of the Holy Spirit Water?

Theophany and Holy Water Miracles

An Annual Theophany Miracle - The Jordan Reverses Its Flow (videos)

The Jordan Reverses Its Flow! (video from 2017)

Miraculous Sheatfish of the Jordan River

Miracle of St. Basil the Great Against the Arians

The Dove of Archbishop John Maximovitch

A Theophany Miracle At Iveron Monastery (video)

Holy New Martyr Constantine the Former Hagarene from Mytilene (+ 1819)

Child Actor, 13, Revived From Coma After Sprinkled With Holy Water

Russian Study: Physical Property of Water Changed on Epiphany Day

ISS Crew to Study Epiphany Water

Russian Scientific Studies on the Property Change of Water on Epiphany Day

Theophany Around the World

Theophany 2010: The Orthodox World Celebrates

Theophany 2011: The Orthodox World Celebrates

Theophany 2012: Orthodox Christians Celebrate the Epiphany

Theophany 2013: The Orthodox World Celebrates

Theophany in Mount Athos

Theophany At the Athonite Monastery of Iveron in 2009 (video)

Theophany At Three Athonite Monasteries (videos)

A Theophany Miracle At Iveron Monastery (video)

Theophany in Greece

Epiphany Customs and Traditions Abound In Greece

Theophany in Xanthi from 1900 till Today (photos & video)

Traditional Greek Theophany Carols

Theophany in Cyprus

The Last Theophany in Famagusta, Cyprus Before the Occupation of 1974 (video)

Theophany in Russia

Photos: Theophany...On Ice

Russian Orthodox Icy Plunge

Video: An Ice-Cold Dip For Theophany In Moscow

Russia's Trend For Dipping Children In Frozen Rivers

Theophany in the Icy Waters of Russia

Theophany in Georgia

Georgian Patriarch Baptizes 560 Children

Theophany in the Holy Land

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words: Theophany in Israel

210,000 Pilgrims Visited Jordan River in 2010

Jordan River 'Too Polluted' For Baptism Pilgrims

Site of Jesus' Baptism Literally Remains a Minefield

Documentary on the True Site of Jesus' Baptism

Greek Orthodox Monasteries of the Holy Land (Documentary)

Jesus Baptism Site Sparks a Debate in Mideast

Israeli Baptism Site to Open Near Dead Sea

Russian Pilgrims Flock to Jordan River

Russian President Medvedev Baptized In the Jordan

Theophany in the Movies

Theophany in the Movie "Beneath the Twelve Mile Reef"

Theophany in the Movie "Mantalena"

Theophany Miscellany

A Theophany Story for All Enthusiasts for Perfection

The Frozen Bishop of Vyshhorod

The Smallest Altar Boy

What Happens To Doves When They Are Released?

The Muslim Woman Who Dove To Retrieve the Holy Cross

Waves Overturn Boat With Priest During Theophany Celebration (video)

An Apology For Triple Immersion In Baptism

Did God Create Water?

Holy Hieromartyr Isidore and the 72 with Him in Yuriev of Livonia

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