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Hawking Suffers Paranoid Delusions

Cosmologist Suffers Paranoid Delusions: Media Promotes His Views

April 26, 2010
Creation-Evolution Headlines

“They’re coming to get us, and I’m sure of it, because I know everything.” What would you think of someone who talked like that? What if he were one of the most famous cosmologists alive today? The man is Stephen Hawking – that wheelchair-bound math wizard who talks with a speech synthesizer and once fell into a black hole in The Simpsons. Now, the Discovery Channel is poised to air his views on SETI and alien life, and the science media, as usual, can’t get enough of his opinions.

The BBC News reported that Hawking considers it “perfectly rational” to believe that aliens exist, but he also believes we should do everything possible to avoid making contact. He said, “We only have to look at ourselves to see how intelligent life might develop into something we wouldn’t want to meet.” Normally, scientists do not try to build a universal principle from a sample size of one. PhysOrg briefly parroted these opinions without comment, as did Jessica Griggs at New Scientist. Clara Moskowitz gave Hawking the most paranoid-sounding headline, though, on Space.com: “If Aliens Exist,They May Come to Get Us, Stephen Hawking Says.”

Along with Hawking’s evidence-challenged delusions that they’re out to get us, he believes he has an inside scoop on the secrets of the universe. The next episode of his Discovery Channel series, Moskowitz revealed, is titled, “The Story of Everything.”

With all due respect to Hawking’s struggle with ALS and the courage he has exhibited in his many years proving that a life is valuable despite physical disabilities, these factors are no excuse for saying dumb things. The men in blue suits tried to cure this madman of his delusions by subjecting him to shock treatment in NASA’s “Vomit Comet” in 2007 (picture above and on Engadget.com), but it obviously didn’t work. But then, would you expect evolutionary psychologists to cure paranoia brought on by evolutionary cosmology? The Discovery Channel should look for more rational content at the Discovery Institute. We had a little fun here at Hawking’s expense, the poor, good-natured genius. Now read what physicist Rob Sheldon thinks of all this.
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