Sunday, May 3, 2009

The Appeal of an African Woman In Favor of the Pope's Stand Against Condoms

(Picture: Pope Benedict with South African President Thabo Mbeki)

Back in March during his first ever trip to Africa, the Pope took a heroic stand which I applauded when he stated: "The traditional teaching of the church has proven to be the only failsafe way to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS." For this Pope Benedict received a backlash by the uninformed and the ignorant around the world, especially in the West.

Why would the Pope promote the distribution of condoms, which has been done for years even though HIV/AIDS continues to spread and increase, when he could more correctly tackle the source of the problem? Anyone with a first-hand knowledge of African culture knows that it is a hotseat of sexual immorality which is the root cause of the rampant spread of STD's. A message to encourage self-control would better suit the African people than the encouragement of "safe sex" (which is not that safe anyway). The easy way out for the Pope would have been to promote condom use, but he chose to be a christian and be faithful to his church's teachings. And who better to promote self-control than a man who dedicated his life to celibacy.

Among the many criticism's from around the world Pope Benedict received, one that the Vatican found especially disturbing came from the parliament of Belgium a few weeks ago. The stance of Belgium was truly appalling and did not express the sympathies of the African people themselves, who for the most part applauded the stance of the Pope and the pastoral care he encouraged for those suffering by the AIDS epidemic. In reply to the deplorable stance of Belgium, an African woman had the following to say:

Listen to the Pope on Condoms

A response to: Vatican Deplores Belgium's Criticism of Pontiff

I am a Kenyan woman, a teacher, wife and mother.

I fully support the Pope's message that condoms are not the solution to HIV/AIDS. With the promotion of condoms in my country, HIV/AIDS has only got worse.

Let us listen to Pope Benedict.

I wish I could shout, but I will not; but the truth of the matter is that in my life I have not seen anybody more interested in the welfare of Africa than the Catholic Church.

These other governments and organizations just talk for their own political correctness, hidden agendas and to defend all the myths they hold in their heads about Africa.

Even before Pope Benedict said it, we knew the answer to HIV/AIDS and we agree with him, with clear minds.

Eme Oduor

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