The Mystagogy Resource Center is currently in a fundraising campaign to continue and expand its service. Your financial support is very much appreciated. Read more about it here. Whatever contribution you make, will be matched by an anonymous supporter, thus doubling your gift.

In an effort to reach our financial goal of $10,000 we will be absent from posting and working behind the scenes until the goal is met.

Currently, as of Monday 30 May 2016 at 8:00am est., we are at 58% of our goal.

I hope you will help us reach our goal quickly. If everyone that visited this site today contributed just a few dollars, the goal would be reached in a matter of hours. Thank you!


Christ blessing the offering of the poor widow

Dear Reader:

This ministry is currently in the process of a fund-raising drive not only to support what is being done but also to improve as well as expand it. If this website has been of value to you and you would like to be part of this exciting venture, would you consider making a financial contribution?

Every week Mystagogy and its extension websites reaches readers in literally every part of the world, from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom and Greece to Russia, China, Argentina and South Africa. They use it as a balanced source of Orthodox Christian information, from news and opinions on cutting edge topics to spiritual texts that have never been translated into English, and much in between. It is a unique site that fills an essential gap and has wide outreach.

Yet this is only the beginning. This website will be under the umbrella of a much larger ministry and institute. Currently, in our initial goal, we are seeking funding to dedicate more time to this much needed ministry in order to soon build a better and more user-friendly website, translate a number of never-before-translated Orthodox texts and books, establish a publishing house and research center, initiate an Orthodox journal, build other websites that focus on particular subjects, and provide an overall expansion of this ministry in many various ways.

We are relying primarily on your contributions to cover our costs. For the time being, we aren't supported by anyone else but you and a few dedicated sponsors. Please consider sending a financial gift and be part of the realization of the vision mentioned above. Thank you!

Click on the DONATE button to make a one-time donation (a Paypal account is not needed to make a one-time donation):

To send in your donation, please do so to the following address:

John Sanidopoulos
PO Box 320284
West Roxbury, MA 02132

With love in Christ,

John Sanidopoulos,

NOTE: Though this fund-raising campaign is an ongoing process, we are currently seeking donations of at least $60 from all of our readers, if possible, or at least $5 a month as a subscription. Of course, whatever amount you can give is helpful and much appreciated. Doing so will put you on a prayer list that will be sent to various monasteries. If you would like other family or friends on this list, please include the names when submitting your gift, as well as an updated address and email.

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