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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Land Ownership of the Church Is A Myth, Says Archbishop of Greece

Archbishop Ieronymos of Athens and All Greece was interviewed on ET3 and, according to, responded to questions concerning the role the Church is taking in helping the people and the false accusations made against the Archdiocese in this regard.

The Achbishop noted: "In these difficult times the Church has a duty, and as it gave vigil lamps in the past, so now if there is a need the Church will give. But for other conditions, suffering has many lessons for us."

Regarding land ownership by the Church of Greece, the Archbishop clarified: "The Greek people must learn that the tale that the Church has large properties is a great myth. This is used by many parties in different ways."

"Of 100% of Church properties, 96% have now been robbed, they have been confiscated! This has left 4% which is not trivial, it is great, but it is blocked. Let them finally release this little property that is left and is blocked in an unethical way, for the money to be realized and not go to either the black holes of the State, nor for some to become shareholders of the Church."

He further added: "Let us create a welfare fund and all income and resources be made available to our people for ministry and service. Not to give as in the past, take it and fix it, but the Church itself will utilize it not for herself but for our people who are suffering."

"I want to make a suggestion which I think is a proposal for all bishops, that at this time the Church is ready to offer, but I repeat that under terms and conditions," the Primate of the Greek Church said.

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