Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Marilyn Manson Warns Against Black Magic

Marilyn Manson was featured on "Celebrity Ghost Stories" a few days prior to Halloween 2010. He tells an interesting story of an occult ritual which he participated in when he was in High School and lived in Canton, Ohio.

Of interest to my Orthodox readers: The house Marilyn Manson (a.k.a. Brian Warner) grew up in in Canton was next door to the home of a Greek Orthodox family whose son later went to Holy Cross Seminary. I went to Seminary with him and asked him what Manson was like growing up. He said that he was very quiet, normal and nice and even was his baby sitter on many occasions since Manson was older.

I have also personally visited Heritage Christian School in Canton, a Fundamentalist school where Manson received his education throughout his elementary years and part of High School. My impression was that it was a very oppressive atmosphere.

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