Monday, December 7, 2009

The Truth About Global Warming

"The only constant in nature is change." - Heraclitus

Before you consider anything, consider this:

A good documentary:

Facts and Myths:

A true moral issue:

The Religion of the Naturalists:

On Consensus Science:

The Corruption of the Evidence By Global Warming Advocates:

Climate Change and history:

Does Rapid Global Warming Infer a Human Agent?

Is there rapid global warming?

The alarmists make one false prediction after another, and puzzle to find an explanation. One example:

Ok, here's another...

There are so many false predictions, I'll give one more:

What does the father of climatology say:

What does the Weather Channel founder say:

Money spent to prevent global warming is better spent elsewhere:

A prediction that is becoming a reality:

A pretty good news source with other resources:

My science postings:

An Orthodox view:

"Our environmental crisis is a logical consequence of the fall, not the mechanism for the Apocalypse."

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