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Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why are Ethnic Russians Converting to Islam?

[I thought this was an interesting question in todays news published by The Georgian Daily. Various answers are given that I would agree contribute to these conversions, but there was another story published today that I also think is contributing to this factor. I wonder how much they relate. Could the article below be one reason people in Russia are leaving Orthodoxy for other religions? -J.S.]

Patriarch Kyrill Calls for Eliminating Crude Behavior from Parishes

Patriarch Kyrill called for eliminating crude behavior, which sometimes takes place in the parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church, and deters people from Orthodoxy, reports Interfax-Religion.

"I've spoken with people who had completely lost their faith, because upon entering the church for the first time, they encountered brutality, anger, irritability," - said Patriarch Kyrill on June 3 when presenting diplomas to graduates of the Sretensky Theological Seminary in Moscow.

According to the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church, the blame for the rudeness and lack of civility of church staff often rests with the priest, who is unable to live in such a way as to be an example for others. "

"Personal example - this is something without which the priest can not carry out his service", - underscored the Patriarch.

In our time, "when people no longer believe in spoken words, the life of the priest must be a constant sermon by its acts", - believes the head of the Moscow Patriarchate.

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