Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Alleged Ghost Haunts South Carolina Business

[Looks legit to me. Seems more residual than intelligent though. - J.S.]

Caught On Tape: Alleged Ghost Haunts South Carolina Business

Chelsi Zash

Anderson, SC -- Most cases of ghosts caught on tape can be explained away with closing some shades or cleaning a lens...but they tried all those!

Employees at a business center say they've seen a ghost every day for the past month.

Rob Colbert, a security officer says he first noticed the movement on a surveillance camera when no one was in the Credit Union office.

He says it's a white blur that looks like it walks over to a chair, sits down and then disappears.

The IT director for the building says he tried everything to fix the problem. They tried closing the blinds, but that just make the spot look clearer than before.

Employees say they haven't noticed any problems. They've even named the ghost, Claire.

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